I help wake surfers understand wakesurfing fundamentals so they can start landing tricks they've always dreamed of!

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Hey There, I'm Dylan!

I started wake surfing in 2016 and started competing In 2017 getting second at worlds in amateur surf. The following year I moved up to semi-pro and won every single comp including 2018 worlds. My first year pro in 2019 I finished top 5 in the world, I was super stoked!

Through this whole process and especially my first year I was searching the internet, social media, and anything I could find to help me advance. What I found was there was hardly anything. Sure, there would be a tutorial on how to do a 360 but I wondered what are the steps that need to be done before that?

I set out in 2019 to be the person to help others learn wake surfing, starting with daily tutorials on my instagram. After two years of that, I realized I needed to create a full in depth course on wake surfing so in 2021 I created WakeSurfSchool 1.0. A full online course that takes you from the basic fundamentals to airs, and 360's by the end. My goal is to help as many people learn wake surfing as I can!

Ways To Work With Me:

Online Course

Our signature online course, that takes you from basic understanding of the wave, (Ollies, Floaters, Chop-Hops, How the Wave works) all the way to more advanced tricks (Airs, 360's, lip slides, airs with grabs) 

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In Person Lesson (Your Boat)

Have me come on your boat, learn tricks, help set up your wave, and have a great 1 on 1 session! 

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In Person Lesson   (My Boat)

Come out on my 2023 Centurion RI230, I'll help you learn tricks wether its staying in the wave, a 360 or more advanced tricks! 

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Online Lesson

Schedule a 1 on 1 session with me from anywhere in the world.  You will upload your riding to a shared folder, and we will go over it on zoom. You can see in real time what you're doing wrong and leave with a understanding on what you need to work on!

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